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Havana Cubana Free Slots

Havana Cubana is a slot machine that is inspired by 1940s Havana Cuba.

This time. Within Cuba was one of its glory days for cigars, community and for the cocktails that tourists would enjoy.

Cuba today offers many of the same charms but with this old world version of the slot machine it is possible to enjoy a beautiful soundtrack as well as some vintage style symbols along the way too.

Bally technologies have done an excellent job re-creating this nostalgic feel of Havana. The symbols across the reels include dominoes, Ms. Havana, poker card symbols, Barack is, macaroons, compasses and more.

Each one of these symbols has its own interesting properties apart from the art style.

Havana Cubana

This game has got 40 fixed pay lines with a chance to win up to 800 coins on a simple payout. There's also a chance to see a maximum Ms. Havana simple payout of 3000 coins. Even without bonuses this can be a lucrative game!

The first bonus feature learn about is the compass which appears on reels 2 and 4. The compass feature can trigger a series of directional wilds based off of the way that it is pointed.

If you have several compasses appearing on the board over your spin, there is a chance that you could have wilds that face many different directions. Winning combinations are paid once all of the symbols have been turned into wilds in the directions.

The second bonus is a free spins bonus round that can be activated with free games symbols that can appear on the middle reels. The first bonus is that you will receive our five free spins which are awarded with a three times multiplier. All of the wins that you receive over this can stack together as you happen to get more spins too.

If you happen to hit the compass bonus as you are getting free spins, you can see some of the compass bonuses that will stop in a direction and cause a new set of bonus wins in the process.

Compasses will actually stop the free spins temporarily ensuring your bonus winnings can be calculated before resuming the free spins on the next spin of the reel.