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Cave Raiders Free Slots

Cave Raiders Deluxe is a game that is totally about cave diving and exploring.

If you like the idea of spelunking or even exploring a cave for treasure, this is an excellent title for you.

In the original Cave Raiders there was a tale about two adventurers who took off into a cave and tried to make their fortune.

In the second version of the game the hikers are back at it again in some Indiana Jones style fun.

Players will actually be matching together many treasures that they find in the cave including the golden idol, gold coins, skeletons, cave exploring equipment and more. Matching together some of the treasures in this game will make sure that your expiration of the cave can be a successful one. Live up to your name as explorers in this title.

Cave Raiders

This game offers a unique pay line system that involves up to 1000 ways to win instead of having fixed pay lines on the board.

This gives players a far greater chance to actually win on the board. With nothing to really set up apart from the wager on every spin, you can make sure that almost everything can come up in some kind of gain for the player.

The bonus while the icon is something to keep an eye on as it can give you a one times multiplier for just three matches and a 10 times multiplier for 5 or more matches in a row.

There are around 14 total icons on the board and the card face values are some of the lowest valued symbols with the chance to generally get just a few times multiplier for your bet when they are uncovered.

The base bonus available in the jackpot here is around 500 credits and you only get this if you are willing to explore the darkest depths of the caves within cave raiders. It generally takes some time to build up to this bonus but it can be well worth it.

The free spin feature in this game can launch the bonus game and bring about a 10 times multiplier when it is matched up at least five times.

These types of bonuses keep this a fairly simple game with plenty of chances to explore and win!