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The Legend of Shangri-la Free Slots

The idea of Shangri-La is a paradise that comes from the novel called lost Horizon by James Hilton.

This novel that was written in 1933 talks about a Valley that was the center of a mystery where people would age very slowly. The origin of this legend and this themed slot machine can help to breathe new life and your finances.

The theme of this slot machine takes place in Shangri-La with explorers making their way through the natural beauty of this area and attempting to discover its hidden treasures.

Players can attempt to unearth treasures throughout the legend of Shangri-La by NetEnt and see if they can discover the secret of life on their mobile phone as well!

The Legend of Shangri-la

The game features take place all over a 5 x 6 grid and the way that paylines work in this slot can be a little different from some of the competitors.

There's no need to worry about getting a pay line in a certain direction or even hoping for items all in a specific line.

This is a cluster pays slot ensuring that you will just need to match up symbols next to each other in order to get some smaller wins.

Some of the smaller wins in the game come from matching together flower petals, dragonflies, butterflies and more.

Larger wins can come from the elephant, lynx, a monkey and more. Putting together large winning groups could potentially award you up to 10,000 credits. This will occur when you cover all 30 spots with the same pay symbol.

There is a free spins feature in which you can activate free spins by landing the symbol three times in a row in a cluster across the board. It is possible to get a 10x multiplier while you are spinning in free spins. There is a chance to get 5-8 free spins on this bonus and it does stack.